Top 5 Scala Programming Books Money Can Buy

  1. Programming in Scala: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide, 2nd Edition by Martin Odersky is the original best selling book on Scala written by Martin Odersky himself, released by Artima starts with the fundamental elements of the language introducing functional programming from the practitioner's perspective and describes advanced language features that can make you a better, more productive developer.
  2. Scala for the Impatient by Cay S. Horstmann concisely shows developers what Scala can do and how to do it. In this book, Cay Horstmann, the principal author of the international best-selling Core Java TM , offers a rapid, code-based introduction that’s completely practical. Horstmann introduces Scala concepts and techniques in "blog-sized" chunks that you can quickly master and apply.
  3. Scala in Depth by Joshua Sureth is a unique new book designed to help you integrate Scala effectively into your development process. By presenting the emerging best practices and designs from the Scala community, it guides you through dozens of powerful techniques example by example.
  4. Scala in Action by Nilanjan Raychaudhuri is a comprehensive tutorial that introduces Scala through clear explanations and numerous hands-on examples. Because Scala is a rich and deep language, it can be daunting to absorb all the new concepts at once. This book takes a how-to approach, explaining language concepts as you explore familiar programming challenges that you face in your day-to-day work.
  5. Programming Scala: Scalability = Functional Programming + Objects (Animal Guide) by Dean Wampler and Alex Payne clearly explains the advantages of Scala as a JVM language. You'll learn how to leverage the wealth of Java class libraries to meet the practical needs of enterprise and Internet projects more easily. Packed with code examples, this book provides useful information on Scala's command-line tools, third-party tools, libraries, and available language-aware plugins for editors and IDEs.